Friday, November 30, 2012

Patty and The Buttons debut album "Once Over Lightly" is now available online!

For those of you who have been asking, Patty and The Buttons debut disc "Once Over Lightly" is now available online.  It will soon be in all the major outlets, but if you want it right away, please visit us on Bandcamp for both digital and physical copies.  As always, you can get yourself one at any of our live shows with the added bonus of real live music! Thanks for your continued support of Patty and The Buttons.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

December Residencies at Cafe Maude and Icehouse

I'm excited to be home for the holidays, digging in at a few of my favorite live music and food destinations!  To celebrate the season, I'll be playing (mostly) duo with a diverse range of the Midwest's finest musicians. Please join me at Cafe Maude or Icehouse for some of these great listening opportunities. Reservations are strongly encouraged for any of these shows.

2528 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 276-6523

Friday and Saturday, December 7th & 8th
Duo with Tim O'Keefe
I'm really excited to be playing duets with ethnic percussion guru Tim O'Keefe. This is our DEBUT show and we will be dipping heavily into my Brazilian and Balkan repertoires as well as other musical surprises.

Saturday, December 15th
Duo with Josh Granowski
Other the past months, Bassist Josh Granowski and I have been playing interpetations of our favorite films scores.  Film works from Taxi Diver, Fargo, Triplet of Belleville and others. Sufficed it say, nothing but hits!

Cafe Maude (Two Locations)
5411 Penn Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 822-5411
1612 Harmon Place
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 767-9080

Tuesday, December 11th (SOUTH LOCATION)
Duo with Kip Jones
My good friend and violinist Kip Jones is back from his travels around the world with the Ethel Quartet.  Kip and I play folk music from countries that exist and some that don't.  It will be a pleasure to work with Kip again, he is truly a world class one of a kind musician!

Wednesday, December 12th (SOUTH LOCATION)
Patty and The Buttons
If you have yet to check out The Buttons Traditional Jazz stylings, now is your chance.  We play in a hybrid style incorporating influences from New Orleans, Gypsy Jazz, Western Swing and anything else you could hear on a bandstand between 1920-1940.

Friday, December 14th (LORING LOCATION)
Duo with Kip Jones
(See Above)